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I Do It For Me

I was with extended family one day last spring, filling time by stitching together a Lucy Boston block, perfectly content while hand-stitching all my fussy-cut fabric together.  The piece was coming along nicely, and I was in my own little world until my uncle stopped to see what I was doing.  He asked, "Are you going to sell that when you're done?"

 As you know, quilting can be a very expensive hobby.  Add in the amount of time spent on making the quilt, and it's very difficult to get paid back for all that you put into it.  On top of that, I have this fear that if I decided to sell my quilts, I'd suddenly be conscious of every single error, mistake, oops, and oh-boy that I made during the process, and I think the hobby would cease to be fun. So I made the decision when I started quilting that I wasn't going to sell my quilts. And I told my uncle "No, I sew them for myself.  The minute I tried to sell them, I think it would stop being fun."

His re…

I'm Quilty, Not Guilty

I try to be one of those people who, once she starts something, finishes it. However, the quilter side of me has a bad case of ADHD.  (Actually, the every day me has it too, but I tend to indulge the quilty one more.) 
I get so excited when I see new project possibilities that I can't wait to try them. It's the reason I was doing two separate English paper piecing projects at the same time last year, plus adding on a Christmas present bargello quilt that I completed in a matter of a few weeks. (Apparently I'm more efficient when I have a deadline!)
My excuse this time: Christmas centerpieces for the guild Christmas party.  It's a good excuse.  Mostly.  More to the point, I just like the idea of playing with some new techniques that have been on my quilter's bucket list.  I'd been wanting to do something with yo-yos for awhile, even though they're not technically quilting. Still, they're sewing, and I get to play with pretty fabric, so it totally counts.…

It's a Social World

Social media has some drawbacks.  Mean-spirited trolls lurk in just about every comments section, which can make any foray into the interwebs a daunting and frustrating task.  On the plus side, where else can you be connected to so many interesting people who share your love of ... well, just about anything?

I spend a ton of time on Facebook.  I don't really post much on my personal page, with the exception of posting pictures of my kids when we're out doing something fun.  But mostly, I have a personal Facebook page because of the sheer number of quilting groups, shops, fabric suppliers, bloggers, and websites. I'm a visual person (I'd wager most quilters are), so I love seeing pictures of quilts and fabrics.  It's a great place to be inspired, ask questions, and learn something new.  I also have a Facebook page dedicated to my blog where I get to share my new posts as well as whatever quilt-related things catch my interest. (My family is probably grateful to see …

Lucy is Done!!!

Just a quick post to share my happy news.  I've got my Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses quilt done at last!!

Lucy (POTC) quilts are frequently done with English paper piecing, so it's all hand-pieced.  I started it in June of 2014, but I didn't work on it straight through as I've had other projects going at the same time, so I probably spent about nine months total on the stitching part of the quilt top.  Once it came time to quilt it, I took a break for a little while since I wasn't sure exactly how I wanted to quilt it. I ended up deciding to go with straight lines that formed diamonds around the center of each block so that it didn't cover up any of the fussy cutting.  I love how it turned out.  (It was machine quilted using a walking foot.  I haven't learned hand quilting just yet.  Someday!)

I've named the quilt "Daydreams and Heartache" to represent all the stuff going through my mind while I was stitching all of those pieces by hand…

Hexie Lovin'

I taught myself how to quilt about four years ago.  It was just something I decided to do one day when I realized I wanted to make a quilt for my baby (who's now four).  I bought a very basic sewing machine from Walmart and a pattern book for beginners, and then I just proceeded to make a quilt.  I think after I finished that one, I made four more in quick succession because I was hooked.

Almost two years later, I discovered English paper piecing, and I had a new crush.  My first EPP pattern was Lucy Boston's Patchwork of the Crosses.  I'd seen it on a website for my local quilt shop and was excited to find out they were teaching an EPP class later that week, so I signed up immediately.  I was only one of two people to show up, and the only one who'd never done EPP before.  It was just a one-hour how-to on basic English paper piecing, and that's all it took to hook me.  (And believe me, Lucy blocks are addictive and so much fun!!!)

After that, I started watching a…

No Such Thing as an Ugly Quilt

I used to get pretty hung up about my so-called ugly quilts.  Maybe my fabrics didn't all play well together.  Maybe my corners didn't line up just so.  They used to drive me crazy.

But then recently, I did a block exchange at my quilt guild.  We each made and exchanged 20 9-patch blocks and were challenged to see what we could do with them. Some of the ones I got back were pretty, and some were clearly from the what-was-I-thinking-when-I-bought-this collection.  (I'm sure we all have some of those.)

At first I was stuck...kind of wondering what in the world I could do to make a pretty quilt out of the stack of not-so-pretty I was working with.  I had a pattern idea in mind, something along the lines of what would happen if...

I took a look at the cacophony of colors and I decided to just go with it.  So I set to cutting, arranging, and sewing the blocks the way I had envisioned them.  And you know, the results weren't half bad.

Then it came time to quilt it.

I'm …