Sunday, September 25, 2016

It's a Social World

Social media has some drawbacks.  Mean-spirited trolls lurk in just about every comments section, which can make any foray into the interwebs a daunting and frustrating task.  On the plus side, where else can you be connected to so many interesting people who share your love of ... well, just about anything?

I spend a ton of time on Facebook.  I don't really post much on my personal page, with the exception of posting pictures of my kids when we're out doing something fun.  But mostly, I have a personal Facebook page because of the sheer number of quilting groups, shops, fabric suppliers, bloggers, and websites. I'm a visual person (I'd wager most quilters are), so I love seeing pictures of quilts and fabrics.  It's a great place to be inspired, ask questions, and learn something new.  I also have a Facebook page dedicated to my blog where I get to share my new posts as well as whatever quilt-related things catch my interest. (My family is probably grateful to see a little less of the crafty posts so they can get back to rooting for the Cubs!)

I also spend a great deal of time on Pinterest.  Not only is it the perfect place to get ideas (like what in the world am I going to make for the Christmas centerpiece this year?), but it's also fun for sharing and documenting your own projects.  I've posted all of my quilts there, including all of my individual Lucy Boston blocks because a step-back picture of the whole quilt can't quite capture all the detail.

I'm pretty new to Instagram, but I've already started following a number of quilty people.  Now I just need to start posting there more often.  Maybe when I go to Missouri Star Quilt Company in a couple of weeks!  (I signed up to take an English paper piecing class with Sue Daley.  I can't wait!!)

So despite the lurking meanies, I'm grateful for the world of social media.  I'm the only person in my circle of friends and family who has any interest in quilts or crafts of any type.  My one-day-a-month quilt guild meetings keep me from being a hermit.  My being able to connect with other quilters 24/7 keeps me sane.

Just a few of the almost 100 yo-yos I made in the last two days.
PS: Here's what I'm working on right now.  I volunteered to make the guild's centerpieces for the Christmas party.  I'm making a couple different projects to see which they prefer.  This weekend has been all about the yo-yos.  (I'll post the finished project once it's done.)  They're fun, but are really hard on the hands and wrists. Plus, my fingers feel kind of pincushiony now.

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